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My Journey in Fashion

It's been a long and awesome journey in the last five years. Styles changing, colors changing, and fabrics changing. Super fine Merino Wool, cashmere and Bamboos. Brighter colors are in such as green, pink, burgundy and sapphires.

I'm going to Europe for a buying trip on April 15 to May 10th, 2023. I will be bringing back the newest style and colors from Italy for my loyal customers. I have to keep up my 50 years of legacy by educating my thousands of clients and friends.

I will bring back to the USA many new designs of shirts, ties, pants, sport coats and sweaters.

My goals are to go visit manufacturers such as Brioni, Farragamo, Gucci, Versace and many more. When I am back from my buying trip I will have new designers, fabrics and much more to share with you all.

Ciao a presto, Piero

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