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Peter's Business and vacation Visit of Europe

Well well now that I am back from Europe and Milano I can tell you more about the future of men's fashions and styles. As I predicted in 2016 slim slim slim is a strong as ever. New blues, beautiful 
blues are on up and up in fashions, slim and more tailored coats, and pants are available. Before i go any further on new fashions, I want to thank all of you my loyal customers for your business making Peter Cassara Clothiers a five star clothier 6 years in a row. In the next few months, I will be hosting various fashion shows in the Bay Area of our new look. I will also show various styles and collections of my Tommy Bahamas fashions. If you want to see this year's brilliant Tommy Bahama color fashions and styles, you are welcome to come and see for yourself on some of my incoming fashion, together with Bay Area Fashion Week the month of September 20th-30th at local places I will certainly be there. Another great thing that I have noticed, more and more customers are asking about 3 piece slim suits and often asking when are double breasted suits are coming in fashion. I can honestly tell you not yet, maybe in 2 years, but you can still get fashionable double breasted suits in black, navy, and gray. Some high fashion retailers have started to carry some half inch striped double breasted suits on special orders only. During my trip in Italy, city youth are wearing very slim casual pants with solid shirts tailored to their body untucked. Very few prints are available. Businessman still wear super 150 wool of new blue colors slimmed down to perfection with no brake on cuffs. I am proud to tell you that I have visited some of my suppliers and took a peak of their new fabrics for the coming 2018 Spring. Lots of light fabrics and colors of silk and wools from Biela, Italy and unique light weight unconstructed sport coats. Still slim or semi slim. I hope you come and see my new arrivals in Sunnyvale, I will certainly be there. Ciao a presto. And I am looking forward to show all my new arrivals and fashions on Bay Area Fashion Week from September 20th-30th. September 20th will be a meet and greet and welcome party at Bootup Ventures in Menlo Park. September 21st will be at Great Mall Camille La Vie in Milpitas. September 22nd will be at Bootup Ventures in Menlo Park. September 23rd will be at Pure Lounge in Downtown Sunnyvale. September 25th will be at Model Workshop and Lectures in San Jose. September 26th will be at Andy’s Pet Shop in San Pedro Square Market in Downtown San Jose. September 27th will be at Mosaic Lounge in First Street San Jose. September 28th will be at Great Mall outlet mall in Milpitas. September 29th will be at Paul Mitchell School Presentation in San Jose. September 30th will be TBA at Clif Bar and Company and Cafe Frascati. I will see you all there. Peter Cassara.


Slim! Slim! Slim! That is what is happening! More and more people are updating their wardrobes. Not only suits but jeans casual shirts and knits. Body tight clothing is here to stay till at least 2018! That is my opinion.

Business men still prefer classic fitted suits demanding regular conformable fit! Silicon valley google, apple, yahoo employees prefer slim look! The new casual look is of a basic plaid striped. sport shirt tapered to your body. Casual pants tapered to the bottom to 7 inches. More younger crowds like to wear stretchy casual jeans for more

The year 2015 was a major dress change going back in to the 70's "tight, tapered and slim look". So remember if your wardrobe is put dated you can ask your local tailor to update it by doing standard alterations such as take in jacket 3 ways shorten collar taper sleeves recut pants to a slim 7" bottom! Have a personal tailor give you a quote tod

March Blog

great start in the fashion industry. I grew up working with my five brothers and sister in Sicily in the small town of Monreale. Since I was ten years old, my life has been devoted to family and fashion. Over the years a lot has changed: I've grown up, moved to America, and perfected the art of crafting beautiful Italian suits and Tuxedo. Even though a lot has changed for me over the years, a lot has also stayed exactly the same. Despite moving to a big city, I'm still a small-town boy at heart. That's why I treat every customer as a valued guest. In my shop, you're family. 

I've followed men's clothing trends for over 50 years, so you know you're in good hands. In my opinion, the best thing to happen to the industry in the last decade is the broad range of fabric colors and styles that have become available for men's clothing. More choices in color and fabric translates to more style availability for both suit coats and slacks. Now, it's easier than ever to match casual fabrics like denim and khaki with a leather jacket, a sharp blazer, or even a Tuxedo jacket! 

In today's business world, everyone is judged by their appearance. The younger generation especially is judged daily on their looks, which can be a lot of pressure. In my well-tailored Italian suits and accessories, none of my customers ever worry about getting evaluated by their appearance. In fact, my customers are frequently complimented on their looks and even asked for a referral to their tailor! I pride myself in making sure everyone leaves my shop feeling confident they can stand up to the world's judgment. 

Periodically you can find me around the Bay Area participating in local fashion shows for men's clothing. Most recently you may have seen me at Maze Club and The Hex in San Francisco. There are lots of other fashion shows coming up soon in San Francisco and San Jose- stop by and say hello! One of my fine Italian suits may even catch your eye.

Hope to see you soon! 


Feb Blog

I was born In Palermo, a province of Sicily, and I understood the concept of men's clothing when I was only 10 years old. In the relatively small town of Monreale, boasting a population of 12 thousand citizens, fashion was ingrained into my young and growing brain. Even though I was only a small child, I worked in the fashion industry along with a sister and five brothers. Even though fashion ideas are different now, I have paid attention to diverse fashion trends for over five decades. 

During the last five years, the fashion industry in Italy has recognized one major change. Tuxedo fabrics no longer concentrate on black and gray hues. Men's clothing now includes a wide array of colors that render Italian suits fun and stylish. In addition to a plethora of colors, fashionable men can find numerous dress slacks, coats and suits in different styles. A stylish man can even find a unique tuxedo that causes wedding guests to take second glances. 

Men's clothing has taken a positive turn that makes it possible for men to complement jeans and khakis manufactured from various fabrics with matching blazers and leather jackets. Whether a man wants to dress for a casual occasion or a special event, he can find the right type of Italian coat or suit jacket that meets the occasion. Even though young men in the contemporary business milieu often dress down by wearing casual slacks and plaid sports jackets to work, business colleagues still tend to judge their peers by the clothes men typically wear during work or outside of their workplaces. 

Men who wear Italian suits to work, and while dining in casual restaurants, are sure to gain favorable comments and respects from other career-minded persons and eager entrepreneurs. The only thing I understand about clothes for men is that people always seem to make favorable comments when they see my clients dressed in original, tailored Italian suits. 

One major way in which I gain new customers is via referrals from contented men who proudly wear my suits. In San Francisco, I present fashion shows for men from time to time at places like the Maze club and the Hex. I also plan on putting together fashion shows in San Jose. I hope interested men can set aside a couple of hours to attend one or more of my fashion shows. Ciao.

November Blog

You have to see it to believe it! Peter Cassara Clothiers the New Experience in Sunnyvale "The little Nordstrom of Silicon Valley" is what customers refer it as! Peter Cassara now proud carrier of Tommy Bahama the resort look of casual and dressy. Since 1971 he started with $400.00 and a singer sewing machine! Has tailored clothing for such stars as Joe Di  Maggio  in the 70's. Tailored Elvis suit for Johnny Baron an Elvis impersonator. In 1974 has dressed football players such as Steve Wallace, Keith The Long, Jimmy Williams and super star #85 Vernon Davis. Peter Cassara has dressed San Jose Clash soccer teams of the 90's, San Jose state alumni and basketball players. Now a proud sponsor of San Jose Saber cats. Peter Cassara is a proud tailor for Darren Arndt coach. Five stars on yelp since 2010 with over 10,000 followers and reviews! Peter Cassara the best at his best tailor brings new fashions to his loyal customers year after year. Travels worldwide where the newest fashion rise. He brings you up to date month after month season after season. Peter Cassara sees the new Trend changing rapidly. Slim suits, 3 piece suits and double breasted suits uprising fast. 

If you want to know about styles and fashions no more GQ's no more catalogs simply visit for the newest fashions and tuxedos or simple weddings. We carry sizes 34 short to 60 long various colors are available and special orders at no extra charge! Fabrics such as Super 120 to Super 150 Cashmere  or Silk blends available at no extra charge. Since 1971 Peter Cassara Clothiers has existed with no more or  no less than 5 Stars his expertise  tailoring and fashion consultation is implacable . Look him up on yelp and see for yourself and see why he's #1 call him anytime 408-733-1234 he will be there..   Ciao a presto


Well  here we are! Fall fashions arriving daily. Slim suits casual slacks most important the new Peter Cassara experiece! 'Tommy Bahamas' exclusive casual line of Silicon Valley.These holidays, Peter Cassara will feature  all new styles colors and newest fashions. The Las Vegas trip was a success and have received the latest & newest designers suits by Baroni- Enzo- Antonio Gardini and the new Vincenzi super 140 wool's suits. We are celebrating the grand opening of the new Tommy Bahamas
clothing line at 842 West El Camino, Sunnyvale California on Nov, 
22nd, 2014 be there!

Ciao a presto



The most exciting news in the retail clothing industry is the up and coming buying trip of Peter Cassara of the Peter Cassara Clothiers in Sunnyvale California. Peter Cassara has negotiated with top menswear designers worldwide to be the first in the market to introduce all the new collections of Italian designed suits. The finest in mens wear from head to toe!.. And for the Peter Cassara Clothiers newly constructed casuals and sportswear department  we have added top end designer jeans and fitted casuals in all sizes! Plus the excitement of The Peter Cassara Experience...The introduction of Tommy Bahama to the heart of the Silicon Valley! From the famous flower patterns to the all new plain patterns and fun in the sun T’s.  And don’t forget!!.. it’s still here:

We are still the #1 location for weddings and special events. Peter Cassara finds the newest looks for  tuxedos and formal wear, all second to no one in the bay area not to mention a must for everyone in need of a master tailor. Alterations including jeans, leathers, and custom made suits and shirts. The Peter Cassara master tailoring and alterations department, The New Collections in a new look Peter Cassara Clothiers!  There no doubt about it: The newly designed Peter Cassara Clothiers has to be Californias #1 most exciting menswear boutique! Open 7 Days week on the corner of West El Camino Real and Hollenbeck in the Civic Square Center in Sunnyvale California!

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